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At R Levine Consulting, LLC we've been designing easy-to-use, amazing Microsoft Access database apps for over 20 years.  The right software will improve your bottom line.

Custom software can actually end up costing less than you think. Because you decide which features you want, you control the cost.  With vendor software, you often pay for features you don't want and don't need.

Custom Software

Do you need a custom database?  You might.  Your business is probably not the only of its kind, but the way you do business is unique.  Like custom clothing, custom software "fits" perfectly and is a pleasure to use.

With Microsoft Access, we can quickly build a prototype database that you can test and experiment with.

Because Access is so affordable, there is little risk.

         Rapid Development

Upgrading & Troubleshooting

Access has changed a lot over the years.  Your current database could be enhanced to take advantage of some of the new features you may not be aware of.

If your current database has suddenly developed problems, it is often a "version" issue.  We can help.

Project Based Training

Teaching Access while working with their own projects, is the most effective way to get users up to speed.

The hourly rate (instead of a per person rate) allows you the flexbility to include whoever you want whenever you want.

Professional Database

Did you "inherit" a Microsoft Access database?

Are you sure that:

* it is actually storing your data properly?
*  the reports are accurate?
*  the original design was correct and can          handle the growth of your business?

A professional evaluation of your Access database will ease your mind and position you to make an informed decision regarding its further use.


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We work with all versions of Access.
(Located in Yonkers, NY​​)
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