Microsoft Access is NOT Excel "On Steroids"

Access is often compared to Excel, and for good reason.  Both applications can store your data.

But knowing which to use is crucial right from the start of your business or project. 

Access or Excel: Rule of Thumb

If your data has more than one, but an unknown number of associated data, you need Access.  Examples:

  - One Client Will Have Any # of Orders

  - One Donor Will Have Any # of Donations

  - One Student Will Have Any # of Classes

  - One Member Will Have Any # of Paid Dues   

Microsoft Access Wants You To Commit!

Know What You Are Getting Into

Microsoft Access has been marketed as an "Easy To Use End User Tool" It's not It's a complex, powerful, relational database management system with an incredible built-in report writer.  It does not lend itself to casual use. 

Rules of Thumb for Learning:

 - Invest some time every day

 - Have a real project you need to get done. 

 - Have a real live human being who knows more than you who you can go to for help, in addition to all the videos  (and books?) you will use.

Let Us Help You Make The Right Choice

Microsoft Access CAN Be Used On A Network

Anyone Who Tells You Wrong!

Why would anyone use a database that can only work on one computer?  MS Access was designed to be used on a network.  If you set it up correctly you can have many users accessing the data simultaneously.  We have seen multi-user Access databases working well, and we have seen single user databases fail miserably.

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